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Toroid Epoxy Powder Cores

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These products include a broad range of high-flux and MP toroid-epoxy powder cores. These products provide excellent inducting stability under AC and DC conditions, eddy current losses and lower hysteresis. Toroid-epoxy powder cores don't show any thermal aging effects. Resonant circuits, flyback transformers, in-line noise filters, high Q filters and inductors are common applications for magnetics MMP power cores.

Additionally, magnetics high-flux powder cores possess the highest powder cores' biasing capability. They are beneficial for applications that require high AC bias, high DC bias or high power at high powder frequencies. Furthermore, these products are recommended for in-line noise filters, regular inductors, switching pulse transformers, PFCs and flyback transformers. Some of these products include T10.0 x 6.00 x 4.00 - EPOXY, T12.5 x 7.50 x 5.00 - EPOXY and T16.0 x 9.60 x 6.30 - EPOXY.