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Magnetic Powder Cores

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T7.87 x 3.96 x 3.18 - HIGH FLUX 060 PERM T7.87 x 3.96 x 3.18 - HIGH FLUX 060 PERM

High Flux 26 perm toroid with nominal uncoated dimensions of 34.3 mm x 23.4 mm x 8.89 mm. Click here for data sheet

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We carry a wide range of MMP and high flux toroid-epoxy powder cores from Magnetics. Powder cores offer high resistivity, excellent inductance stability under both DC and AC conditions, and low hysteresis and eddy current losses. Unlike powdered iron cores, toroid-epoxy powder cores do not exhibit any thermal aging effects.

Magnetics MMP Powder Cores

Common applications for MPP cores include inductors, high Q filters, in-line noise filters, flyback transformers and resonant circuits. MPP material has the lowest core loss, and provides excellent inductance stability under high DC bias conditions or after high DC magnetization.

Magnetics High Flux Powder Cores

These cores have the highest biasing capability of all powder cores. They are useful for applications requiring high power, high DC bias, or high AC bias at high power frequencies. High flux powder cores have a 15,000 gauss flux density plus relatively low losses. These are recommended for flyback transformers, PFCs, pulse transformers, switching regulator inductors, and in-line noise filters.