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Miles-Platts Bobbin, Toroid Mounts & Clamps

The packing and mounting of magnetic devices are more important than ever before. Modern technology mostly relies on soldering parts to a printed circuit board. Toroid mounts are used to house the windings to these circuit boards. When choosing toroid mounts, people have two choices: vertical mounts and horizontal mounts. Horizontal mounts are the most common but only if there's room enough on the circuit board. Otherwise, vertical mounts are used to save room. Likewise, bobbins (also known as coil formers) and clamps support windings. However, they can be used to support cores as well. Each bobbin is specifically designed to be used with a specific core shape. It's important to consider if the core is a stacked lamination, tape wound or ferrite.

Miles-Platts is one of the world leaders of manufacturing bobbins, clamps and toroid mounts. In fact, the company has been making products since 1971. It focuses on designing products that feature glass-filled polymers and flame retardant technology.