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Ametherm NTC Thermistors

Negative temperature coefficient thermistors are resistors, so their resistance goes down as temperatures increase. They're among the best temperature-sensitive thermistors on the market. Their temperature sensitivity is nearly 10 times greater than resistance temperature detectors and five times greater than silicon temperature sensors. One reason for this improved efficiency is the material that NTC thermistors are made from. Unlike resistance temperature detectors, which are usually made from metal, NTC thermistors are made from polymers and ceramics. In general, they're used within temperature ranges of minus 55 degrees Celsius to 200 C. The most common use of NTC thermistors is temperature measurement, compensation and control.

Ametherm is one of the leading manufacturers of NTC thermistors. Since 1994, it's been providing effective and reliable current-limiting solutions. It continues to look for ways to improve and innovate NTC thermistors to ensure its customer base receives quality products with time-saving solutions at affordable prices.